When an overseas company wishes to open a branch in the UK, they have to register this with the Registrar of Companies. Once the registration has been completed successfully, the company will have ongoing filing and disclosure obligations. London Registrars’ professional team offers you a comprehensive service, both for the initial registration and for ongoing compliance support.

A UK branch will be treated as an extension of the overseas company. It can enter into contracts in the name of that company for all sales and purchases. The branch will need to have a permanent representative who must be given the relevant powers to sign the documents on behalf of the overseas company. The overseas company will remain responsible for all debts and obligations incurred in the UK.

An overseas company setting up a UK establishment needs to register a name which may either be its corporate name (i.e. its name under the law of the country or territory in which it is incorporated) or an alternative name under which it proposes to operate its UK establishment.

In order to register the UK establishment of the company, Companies House will require a certified copy of the company’s constitutional documents together with a certified translation into English; depending on the disclosure requirements of the mother company, Companies House may also require a copy of the company’s latest set of accounts with a certified translation into English. Our service would include the following:

  • providing advice and assistance with completing and submitting the 19-page application form and the supporting documentation required for the registration
  • the Companies House Registration fee
  • registered office address for 12 months
  • maintaining the statutory registers for 12 months and notifying Companies House of any changes
  • obtaining a quote for translation here in the UK (but the cost of the translation itself would be separate)
  • advising on the branch office’s statutory obligations including on the filing of accounts in with Companies House and HMRC.

Our fee for the above branch registration and first 12 months compliance advice service would be £759 plus VAT. If you wish to continue our basic statutory compliance service for subsequent years, the current fee is £349 plus VAT per annum. For an informal, no obligations discussion on how we can assist you, please contact us.