Companies listed on most European stock exchanges are normally required to have arrangements in place so that their shares or other securities can be held and traded in dematerialised form through a central securities depository which, for UK incorporated companies, is managed through the CREST system.

The key functions of share registrars include the dematerialisation and rematerialisation of securities, the maintenance of ownership records for traded securities based on the information received through CREST, and providing issuers with up to date information on the legal ownership of their instruments.

While London Registrars does not provide CREST Registrar services in our own right, we have worked with most of the UK’s CREST Registrars in our capacity as company secretary and will be happy to assist you in selecting a share registrar appropriate for your company.

If you are planning to list your company, London Registrars specialises in pre and post listing corporate governance support to ensure that you are, and remain, compliant with UK Law.

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