Most modern businesses aspire to equality, treating staff and customers with respect whether they are disabled or not. Increasingly these aspirations are becoming legal obligations and businesses have to make reasonable adjustments to the way their deliver their services to disabled people.

Disability discrimination does not just relate to physical property, it also applies to policies such as employment criteria for new staff or the way you offer goods and services on your website.

At London Registrars we will prepare a disability discrimination policy that is suitable for your business. The document will include appropriate practice relating to the Disability Discrimination Act and your company’s own initiatives and concerns. It will cover your employees and all persons who come into contact with your business as well as the design of your goods and services, your facilities and premises.

After receiving your order, we’ll send you a short questionnaire to complete. Based on your responses, we will prepare the policy for your company and send you for approval. The final version of your disability discrimination policy will be sent to you electronically. Please contact us.