All employers have duties under the health and safety legislation. Your starting point is to prepare a health and safety policy statement which will demonstrate your commitment to ensuring the safety of all people affected by your business including your employees, sub-contractors, visitors and customers.

By law this statement must be in writing if you employ five or more people. However, for your protection as an employer, we recommend that you have a written health and safety policy regardless of the size of your company.

Our dedicated team at London Registrars will

  • help you reduce staff-related costs at your company thanks to our professionally written health & safety policy
  • set up safety standards for your employees, taking your company’s specific requirements into consideration
  • advise you on the best practice to decrease the number of accidents at your firm’s premises.

After receiving your order, we’ll send you a short questionnaire to complete and will then prepare the policy based on your completed questionnaire. Your health & safety policy will be emailed to you so that you can publish it in your office and include it in your staff handbook. Contact us to discuss your requirements.