To protect your mark from being used in the UK by third parties it must be registered at the UK Intellectual Property Office.

Our team at London Registrars will manage the whole process of registering your company’s trade mark in the UK in a cost-effective and timely manner, providing a quality service in accordance with our quality policy. We will:

  • assess whether the trade mark chosen by you complies with the trade mark rules and check that it qualified for registration by carrying out a search at the Intellectual Property Office
  • advise you what actions need to be taken if the search results reveal that a similar mark has already been registered
  • prepare the necessary documentation to submit a formal Application for Registration
  • advise you of any objections raised by the Intellectual Property Office from their examination process and what steps need to be taken to overcome them
  • advise you of any objections raised by third parties during the three months period after publication in the Trade Marks Journal.

Should it become necessary (for instance if it came to taking court proceedings), we would involve an independent expert in this field.

To enable us to help you register your trade mark and offer our best solution, we would prefer to discuss your specific situation in more detail, please contact us.

For more information about trade marks please visit the FAQ trade mark section.