Modern business depends on information accessible in electronic form. Internet and email are commonly used in communication with employees, customers or shareholders, whereas online transactions are becoming more and more important in generating company revenue. The increasing importance of electronic data has brought with it a similarly increasing body of legislation to govern its use.

The Data Protection Act on its own requires all businesses to provide suitable standards of security. Failure to comply can lead to prosecution and substantial financial penalties. It is important for companies to have a clearly defined statement of policy setting out the role that IT plays in the conduct of their operations as well as which IT functions are permitted and which are not.

A data security policy should ensure that:

  • information that is available for sharing is well defined and appropriately accessible (allowing for necessary safeguards)
  • the quality of information is fit for its purpose (eg. accuracy, currency, consistency, completeness)
  • all employees know and exercise their responsibilities towards information
  • there is a mechanism by which priorities are clearly identified and then acted upon.

The data security policy prepared by our qualified team will provide you with a statement of intent to show your commitment to data security. It will take account of common risks to your data and allow your staff to understand appropriate security measures.

Our data security policy will also include a structure and recommendations tailored to your company working environment which will enable practical implementation of that policy within your organisation.

With our help you will create a security-conscious culture in your company. Contact us to discuss your requirements.