If your company is found in breach of the Data Protection Act, this can lead to action by the Information Commissioner involving, in some cases, criminal liability, leading to the possibility of severe damage to your reputation. You need robust procedures in place to ensure the DPA is complied with and the sanction of disciplinary action against staff breaking the rules imposed.

There are no less than 8 data protection principles laid out within the act which must be adhered to, including lawful activity, employee rights, accuracy and security. They are described as being ‘very wide in scope and containing everything you could think of’, from information collection all the way to its destruction.

Our guidance will be tailored to suit your particular business needs, whether a streamlined version of compliance policy would be adequate for your requirements or a much more detailed Data Protection Act guidance for a ‘data-rich’ operation. Whatever policy structure you’ll require, we will be able to help you.

The guidance on the Data Protection Act implementation prepared by our team will contain rules and regulations for your staff to ensure they obtain, manipulate or disclose personal data, like address, account numbers etc., only in a way that is legal and only when authorised be the company. Our guidance will save you training time, money and your company good reputation. Contact us to discuss your requirements.