This Introduction to Data Protection Act will serve to underline to your staff the fundamental importance of understanding the Act and complying with its regulations. It will also emphasise the vital role that personal data plays in successfully managing new and existing customer relationships for your business.

The Introduction prepared by our qualified team at London Registrars will contain precise definitions of the key terms like ‘data’, ‘personal data’, ‘processing’, ‘data controller’ etc, which are often misunderstood and misinterpreted by companies and their staff. This document will enable legal and ethical adherence of your staff with the Act, including the ‘golden rules’ which allow data processing to be fair and lawful.

Also included will be a section detailing the procedures necessary when handling sensitive material, i.e. personal information on ethnic origin, religion etc.

Staff need to know their rights relating to data held upon them and how to access or indeed challenge for example, disclosure of information to a third party. This all will also be explained in our introduction to DPA.

Last but not least, criminal liability has to be explained for anyone disclosing another person’s private details without authority.

Both you yourself and your employees will need to know where they stand – and with our help all the terms and regulations will start making sense. Contact us to discuss your requirements.