Mergers, acquisitions or other forms of changing organisational structure and status can often be a difficult and complicated process involving many people at different managerial levels. For listed and unlisted public companies resident in the UK, substantial acquisitions are also subject to the Takeover Code and the ruling of the Takeover Panel.

At London Registrars, we:

  • case-manage the whole process from initial negotiations through to due diligence and completion. This approach guarantees continuity, avoids transaction time drift and saves clients money as well as ensuring that the deal does not breach any competition law provisions.
  • have a professional and experienced team dedicated to complete the project on time and within the budget
  • offer unique service as, apart from the transaction itself, we continue to act as company secretary for the buy-out company and as in-house legal counsel. Through this we help our clients create and maintain a strong management team.
  • encourage a straightforward approach to the transaction documentation and aim to maintain the momentum of the deal whilst at the same time meeting the requirements of the various funding providers and investors.

In order to help you go through the merger or acquisition process (usually a very sensitive one) and offer our best legal practice and bespoke advice, we would like to discuss the specific situation of your organisation with you in more detail.

Please contact us with a short description of your requirements, and we will let you know how we can be of assistance to you.

If you wish to find more about our services within business law, please visit our commercial consultancy page.