Online transactions require customers to provide sensitive information such as their full name, address, debit or credit card details, and you are legally obliged to protect the data from being accessed by unauthorised parties. As a supplier holding personal information, you must comply with the Data Protection Act. You should also display your privacy policy online so that your customers know the purposes for which their personal information can be used.

A privacy policy makes transparent how a business deals with the personal information it collects. The privacy policies prepared by us are a public statement of intent and address the following issues:

  • the rights of individuals from whom businesses collect personal information to be told what information is held
  • cross-border data flow issues where personal information is exported abroad either by data transfer or email
  • purposes for which the personal information is used
  • the meaning of personal data.

Our privacy policy will also be tailored to your specific requirements.

Our experience in writing privacy policies means that your company will appear more professional and trustworthy to your customers. Please contact us.