If you intend to sell goods or services online you need clearly stated terms and conditions to govern the relationship between you as the supplier of goods or services and your customer.

In order to avoid future problems, your website terms and conditions should be tailored to meet the needs of your business and should mirror your online trading procedures. In addition, they should be compliant with current legislation. Properly prepared terms and conditions are the legal backbone of your commercial website. Your interests may not be sufficiently protected if you copy terms from another website or rely on standard terms

The terms and conditions prepared by our team will ensure that:

  • you are not bound by errors on your site
  • you have reasonable protection from liability in respect of the information you provide on your site, the information collected from customers or potential customers and the intellectual property belonging to third parties displayed on your site
  • your terms and conditions are incorporated in the contract you have with your customers
  • you will be compliant with the Distance Selling Regulations and EU Cookie Directive.

They will address the general use of your website, such as, age restrictions, fair use of third party intellectual property, as well as include a set of trading terms designed for contracts concluded over the internet and suitable for your business, for example availability of goods/services, delivery, termination and cancellation, accounts, returns policy and others.

To enable us to prepare terms and conditions tailored to your business’s requirements, we would need to discuss your company’s circumstances in detail, please contact us.