The many benefits of a business operating as a public limited company (PLC) include access to capital, liquidity, an opportunity to make acquisitions more easily and a more prestigious profile, as well as profit and tax advantages. There are, however, also various implications, and a public limited company is as likely as any other to prosper as a result of the use of the right company secretarial services, from a firm like London Registrars (

Although a PLC company secretary is vital, the decision needs to be made as to whether they are to be in-house or outsourced. Many PLCs are coming to realise the material and cost benefits of outsourcing the work performed by a company secretary, but there may be varying levels of willingness to outsource certain tasks. That’s why London Registrars can provide not only fully outsourced services, but also such services on a more ‘ad hoc’, or project-specific basis. This means that any PLC can benefit from the considerable experience, expertise and reputability of London Registrars’ company secretaries.

Legally required for any public limited company is an address where official correspondence, like court documents or HM Revenue & Customs letters, can be served. The company’s official documents, including letterheads, order forms, invoices, websites and more, must all feature this registered office address. London Registrars can provide such an address in Central London for PLCs, or a SAIL address if applicable. Also available are directors’ service addresses, which allow directors to avoid having their home addresses on the public record.

Other services that can be provided to a PLC by a London Registrars company secretary include managing meetings of the board, board committees, AGMs and general meetings, covering notice and agenda preparation and distribution. Such a professional can also ensure that in the case of a listed or traded company’s AGMs or General Meetings, key shareholders attend or appoint proxies. They can also cost-effectively manage dormant subsidiaries and case manage litigation on behalf of the company.

Many PLCs turn to London Registrars’ company secretaries for corporate governance consultancy, which makes board members aware of their responsibilities as far as the governance of their company is concerned, as well as how financial and strategic goals can be achieved. Such expertise informs good decision making. Compliance consultancy is another vital service, ensuring the company’s compliance with the law as well as, in appropriate cases, AIM rules, the Combined Code and listing rules.

Such instrumental services in areas like company compliance are complemented by the simple ability to provide advice at short notice and even interim company secretarial cover in the event of illness, maternity or gaps between the departure of one post holder and their replacement taking up office. London Registrars ( is available to talk to interested PLCs.