Regardless of the size of organisation, good governance is essential – it helps to hold key decision makers to account, ensure that records are kept correctly and accurately and enhance transparency. Ultimately, good governance should be seen as a means of making a business’s procedures more efficient, not as a layer of red tape through which to break.

Multi-academy trusts (MATs) are usually a complex network of relationships between senior leaders, advisory bodies, parents, staff, pupils and other stakeholders. These networks are required to work together to determine how the given academy should deliver its educational goals.

For every MAT, good governance will mean clarity of purpose, with a clear vision established as to the purpose of the organisation and how its aims are to be achieved. However, effective procedures – not only put in place, but also regularly reviewed – are similarly important, as is the recruitment of the right people to the right roles.

Decisions must be made legally, ethically and in the best interests of the organisation, while talent management starts with the board ensuring that they attract and retain the right mix of skills, experiences and competencies around the boardroom table to ensure that the best decisions are made.

While the size of each MAT network depends on the size of the academy, every MAT should be built on a platform of good communication, teamwork, experience and an ethical framework that ensures all organisational decisions are made in a legally compliant manner. However, board members must work together to decide which statutory duty takes precedence, as it is rare for all legal duties to mesh together.

As with any other type of organisation, the basics of a MAT’s governance framework are derived from legislation and regulation, supplemented by the constitution or other governing documents, any standing orders, by-laws and procedures.

Another consistent factor throughout every board should be every member understanding their duties and remaining up-to-date with the changes set to impact the educational sector. Such a proactive approach will help to ensure that the academies under the board’s control continue to progress.

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October, 2016