As you would expect from one of the world’s leading cities of commerce, London has a wealth of business support firms on hand to assist companies with legal issues, company compliance and corporate governance. How, then, does a company go about choosing the right firm for them? London Registrars ( is a corporate and legal support company that prides itself on taking a different approach: one based on a personalised service which goes above and beyond.

Trusting a third party company with company secretarial servicescompany compliance and legal counsel is not to be taken lightly given the vital importance of accuracy and confidentiality in such matters. Therefore it stands to reason that such an outsourced company should be experienced in all aspects of business and legal support and carry out their services in a highly discreet manner. London Registrars is highly experienced in business and legal consultancy and delivers a service which is unrivalled when it comes to professionalism, reliability and confidentiality. However, the London Registrars approach goes one step further than many other support firms: it provides a personalised service.

Some of the functions of a business support firm will naturally be universal for each client, such as the necessary requirements involved in acting as company secretary or process agent, for instance. However, London Registrars understands that every company has its own inherent needs and objectives and in order to provide the most valuable outsourced service possible, it ensures it gets to know each client and their business goals. In this way, London Registrars sets itself apart from the competition by offering bespoke and personalised one-on-one advice on any business issues it can assist with. To find out more information on the London Registrars’ approach to providing corporate and legal support services, visit the website at