The term “service of process” is one that all manner of organisations both within and outside the UK should be acquainted with; it refers to the actions that a court requires in order for documents used in court proceedings to be brought to the attention of one of the parties in the case. 

This is where a service of process agent can play a crucial role. In a situation where a business from outside of the UK is dealing with a company or institution within the UK (for example, an overseas business is attempting to raise a loan from a City institution), a UK process agent having been appointed can greatly help ensure formal notices are properly served. 

What actually is a service of process agent? 

The simple way to describe a service of process agent (also known as a “process agent”, or even a “registered agent for service of process”) is that they accept service of notices, proceedings, or documents on behalf of their overseas clients. 

A UK-based process agent would therefore play an invaluable role in a situation where notices cannot be served in another country (as might be the case because of contractual obligations, for instance). 

English court procedure rules state that papers must be served in order to start proceedings correctly. This would present potential difficulties in cases where one of the parties in an agreement does not have an address in England. 

So, you can probably begin to see why a UK entity or organisation that provides a service or loan to an overseas business, often only agrees to do so on the condition that the overseas entity appoints a UK process agent. 

As part of such an arrangement, the foreign company would have to agree that service at the UK process agent’s address would constitute proper service as far as court procedural requirements are concerned. 

There’s no need to look further for a reputable process agent in the UK 

If you are presently on the lookout for the right UK service of process agent, you are likely to be impressed by the sheer comprehensiveness and cost-effectiveness that our process agent service represents. 

Operating from our central London office, London Registrars can and will act as a process agent for court actions, alongside receiving documents in relation to arbitration proceedings, and receiving notices under contracts where there is a need for a third party. 

We are able to act as a service of process agent for foreign companies that lack a branch in Great Britain. And such is our impeccable track record of conducting ourselves impartially in such situations, we can even act on behalf of more than one party to a given document. 

You can learn more about what London Registrars’ process agent service entails, as well as our charges for this service, by downloading our process agency brochure today. If you then conclude that you would like to proceed to take advantage of our service, or if you have any further questions to ask, please feel free to contact us via phone or email