London Registrars ( is one of the top corporate and legal support firms in the Greater London area, offering a wide range of services, from acting as process agent in the UK for overseas firms to company secretarial services for PLCs, LTDs, LLPs, NHS Trusts and Housing Associations. Here is a guide as to how your company can benefit from using the services of London Registrars.

Business formation

London Registrars services begin from the moment a company comes into existence. The experienced team can assist with all aspects of company formations, including Ltd and LLP incorporation packages, PLC and CIC incorporations. The business formation services extend to companies limited by guarantee incorporation and helping to register a branch of an overseas firm in the UK.

Business support

Business support services can be ad-hoc advice concerning the Data Protection Act and company compliance, the creation of a registered office address or the ongoing provision of bookkeeping and accountancy services.

Business consultancy

Whether you are looking for a team of highly experienced HR professionals or you need help with a change of company name; if you are looking to register a trade mark or your company is going from a Ltd status to that of a PLC, London Registrar’s business consultancy department will be able to assist.

Company secretarial

Company secretarial services are at the core of London Registrars service offering and is one area where companies find outsourcing to be of particular help. The role of company secretary is a vital one within all Ltd, PLC and LLP companies and one whose requirements are continually changing according to the latest legislation. London Registrars can act as company secretary for your company either on a long-term basis or simply carry out a company secretarial audit when required.

Legal support

Within the company secretarial role, London Registrars offers commercial law consultancy to both private and public companies in the UK and internationally. All legal support services are delivered to an exceptionally high standard.

Process agent

process agent in the UK accepts vital service of notices, documents or proceedings on behalf of overseas clients in cases where it is not possible for them to be served abroad. London Registrars offers process agency services both in the UK and Germany, helping international clients to remain legally compliant at all times.

These are just some of the many ways London Registrars assists numerous companies on an ongoing basis. To find out more information specific to your company’s needs, go to