London Registrars ( is the business support firm which provides company secretarial services for AIM-listed companies as part of its comprehensive corporate and legal support package. The smaller companies listed on the Alternative Investment Market value outsourcing this vital and time-consuming role to a trusted third party such as London Registrars.

The Alternative Investment Market (AIM) was launched as a sub-market of the London Stock Exchange (LSE) in 1995, with the purpose of allowing smaller companies to float shares in a more flexibly regulated environment than the wider LSE. Since its inception, the AIM has raised almost £24 billion for more than 2,200 companies. Its flexible regulatory system and lack of requirements for the number of shares issued, coupled with the tax advantages for investors, has attracted companies from the Main Market back to AIM in recent years.

While regulations may be more flexible on AIM than the Main Market, there are still a large number of requirements in order to qualify for AIM listing, not least the appointment of a Nominated Advisor or NOMAD. This NOMAD must continually overview all processes to ensure company compliance with the AIM regulatory model. Many AIM-listed companies ensure corporate governance in this way by outsourcing support with AIM admission and ongoing support in the provision of company secretarial services to a company such as London Registrars.

London Registrars can act as an AIM company secretary by providing services which include creating and updating statutory records; liaising closely with the company during and after the AIM listing process; drafting terms of reference for the board and organising board and shareholder meetings. Outsourcing the AIM company secretary role allows smaller companies to benefit from AIM listing without distracting them from the day-to-day running of the business.

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