The internet is awash with companies offering cheap company formations, but most of these budget set-ups offer no ongoing support. London Registrars ( understands that the average business requires far more than a simple incorporation, which is why it helps companies from initial formation all the way to fruition as a compliant, efficient and profitable entity, all at affordable rates.

London Registrars’ business support services begin with company formations, providing Ltd. incorporation; Ltd. by guarantee incorporation; LLP incorporation; PLC incorporation and CIC incorporation. It can also assist in forming a Right to Manage company, a Single Director company and the registration of a foreign company in the UK. From the initial consultancy, the London Registrars team works closely with the client to ascertain their specific needs in relation to registration, whether they are multinationals or small start-ups. At the heart of the London Registrars formation service is flexibility (scaling the service to individual requirements) and value for money (which is vital for any company in its early stages of incorporation).

Often the first step of ongoing support which London Registrars provides for a client is company secretarial services. This is because most newly incorporated companies require the same standard procedures, such as the creation of a registered office address and the filing of documentation at Companies House. London Registrars can provide a superior standard of service in the provision of the important role of company secretary. Further ongoing business support includes bookkeeping and accountancy, advising on business policies and the Data Protection Act and legal assistance such as the preparation and review of legally binding contracts and agreements.

For a company to reach fruition as a viable business, it often requires ad-hoc consultancy in order not only to meet company compliance at all times but also to be confident of legal assistance in all eventualities. London Registrars can assist with ongoing employment consultancy as well as one-off events such as a company name change.

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