At a time when so many of the companies that turn to London Registrars ( for assistance with corporate governance are likely to be continually outsourcing services so that they can focus more on their core business, they may also be interested in the Meeting Management Service that allows them to do much the same for their meetings.

Naturally, the outsourcing of responsibility for the meetings themselves is not an effective strategy for companies that wish to retain control of core decision-making and the opportunity to project the precise nature of their brand. Nor would they often like the meetings to take place outside a ‘real’ venue, as this could have negative effects on their business image at a time of intense competition for client custom.

There are, however, means of using an online environment to increase the efficiency and purposefulness of such ‘brick and mortar’ meetings, in the process improving end results and boosting revenue. In 2013, more and more businesses in and beyond the capital are deviating from the traditional ‘9 to 5’, as demonstrated by the documented tendency of so many professionals to work from an alternative location amid the travel disruption of the London 2012 Olympic Games.

The Meeting Management Service of company compliance specialists London Registrars has been designed from the ground up for this new reality, as it gives both public and private sector clients access to ‘real time’ information that allows them to better organise and prepare for meetings. As it consists of web based meeting support software, this virtual meeting room can be accessed from anywhere with an Internet connection, and provides a secure means of client communication.

All of this makes the Meeting Management Service highly suitable for a wide range of companies, organisations and committees that need to access confidential information and hold regular or formal meetings. At any time, professionals can check in to access all manner of vital meeting documents, including published notices of meetings, meeting agenda, minutes and board packs.

The full range of features of the online meeting room includes discussion, news and announcement boards, meeting workspace, document libraries, alerts, collaboration tools, web links and shared calendars and contact lists. In addition, companies can combine the Meeting Management Service with other company secretarial services, perhaps receiving help from London Registrars with such tasks as editing documents, maintaining a history of minutes and receiving meeting papers – to cite just some possibilities.

All in all, the Meeting Management Service, with or without other packages from company formations specialist London Registrars (, provides invaluable professional support to assist a company’s continuity and independence, all at highly competitive rates. Interested firms can call 020 7608 0011 for more information about the service.