Every company in theĀ United KingdomĀ has to have an office address which is registered with the government registrar as its official address. There are many reasons companies choose to use a registered office addressĀ service, from the need for a more prestigious official address to privacy for those trading from a home office. Now companies can receive this service free of charge when combined with a company secretarial package from London Registrars (https://www.london-registrars.co.uk/).

There are more companies trading successfully from home offices than ever before, but many of these companies require a more business-like official address (or simply want to protect the privacy of their own home) so choose to use aĀ registered office addressĀ service. Other businesses are run from offices that the owners deem to be unsuitable as an official address (an undesirable location or an industrial state address, for instance). They may find a registered office address in central London, such as that offered by London Registrars, more preferable. Regardless of the reason behind using this service, it allows official documents to be served at the address and can (and indeed must) appear on a companyā€™s correspondence, website and invoices.

London Registrarsā€™Ā registered office addressĀ service furnishes a company with a prestigious official address in centralĀ LondonĀ from which all correspondence will be forwarded to an address designated by that company, all for just Ā£229 plus VAT per annum (plus mail forwarding costs). However, this service is completely free of charge with London Registrarsā€™Ā company secretarial services, which costs Ā£399 plus VAT. This means that for just Ā£170 more per annum a company can also avail itself of services such as the preparation of its Annual Return and maintenance of its statutory registers. This combination of a registered address and statutory compliance service at such an affordable annual price provides companies with both a professional presence and the peace of mind that all necessary regulatory requirements are being met.

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