It is a legal necessity that a UK company has an address where service can be made of official correspondence, like HM Revenue & Customs letters, court documents and correspondence that may arise from Companies House. What many UK companies may not be aware of, however, is that they may use London Registrars ( office as their registered office address.

There may be several reasons for doing so – perhaps because the business is based at the business owner’s home address and they would like to guard their privacy, or so that they can enjoy the prestige of a central London address, as well as give the impression that it is a longer-established and profitable firm.

Companies using this service will use its London Registrars registered office address on all of their official documents, from invoices, order forms and letterheads to websites and financial communications, which is the legal requirement. An incorporated mail forwarding service will provide for any official correspondence delivered to London Registrars’ central London office, to be forwarded to an address designated by the client.

It is important for interested parties to note that the registered office address service is not the same as a general business address service, which London Registrars also offers. Also known as the mail forwarding service, this service is popular for a range of business purposes, from the presentation of a corporate image to customers and proxy forms on general meetings to specific marketing campaigns.

This business address/mail forwarding service allows a company to use London Registrars’ central London address for all of its correspondence. Client firms can also have their mail forwarded to a designated address on the day it is received by London Registrars, or at intervals to suit them, with the mail re-addressed to them in a London Registrars envelope. For those clients that prefer, mail scanning and emailing is also possible. Mail can be stored for as long as 12 months for companies to collect.

London Registrars also offer a directors’ service address facility, taking advantage of the fact that directors are no longer required to have their home addresses on the public record. Not only can directors use the central London address of London Registrars as their service address, but this address can also receive all official correspondence from the likes of HMRC and Companies House. There are also available junk mail disposal and mail scanning and emailing options.

Whichever a client chooses whether it be a registered office address, business address service or directors’ service address, London Registrars ( works hard to provide all of these services from efficiency, amongst its broader range of business support services.