London Registrars ( is one of the UK’s leading corporate and legal support companies, and as such offers a wide range of services which covers the spectrum of requirements with which most businesses require assistance. There are, however, some services which are the most frequently requested; those which businesses find particularly helpful to outsource.

1. Company formations

When starting out, new businesses find handing over the machinations of company formations to a third party helpful. This ensures all legal compliance is met, the necessary documentation is filed with Companies House, and on going support is provided (in London Registrars’ case, including arranging the first Directors meeting and providing company compliance for the first 13 months of incorporation).

2. Company secretarial services

Company secretarial services make up a large percentage of London Registrars’ support services. That’s because this is such a vital on going role among companies, and one which, if managed in-house, is usually done so by a chief financial officer or treasurer. Being able to entrust this to a reliable, experienced and professional firm such as London Registrars means that in-house resources are freed up to deal with the all-important day-to-day running of the business. London Registrars is also often asked to carry out accompany, to check that all statutory registers, annual returns, board records and other vital documents are in place.

3. Corporate governance and company compliance

The company secretary service covers both corporate governance and company compliance. These two functions are the company secretary’s responsibility. When you consider that The Companies Act 2006 contains 97 criminal offences which companies could unwittingly commit, it’s little wonder that this an area many companies choose to entrust to the professionals.

4. Process agency services

When businesses which are located overseas have dealings with suppliers in the UK, or when they have taken out a loan with a City of London bank, they often require process agency services. London Registrars are a leading process agent in the UK, helping businesses abroad meet court procedural requirements in the United Kingdom.

5. Registered office address

Finally, many businesses choose to file their registered office address with a support firm such as London Registrars. That way, they can receive all official correspondence at that address, use it for all their formal documentation and, in the case of London Registrars in particular, benefit from a central London address.

These are the top five business support services with which companies require assistance from London Registrars. Find out more about how the full range of services can help your company streamline its operation while fulfilling all necessary requirements by law at