If your organisation has been considering getting some assistance with company secretarial compliance, one of our basic company secretarial subscriptions might be of interest to you. For this, or similar services, you may be interested in receiving a refresher on the company secretary’s role within an organisation, and why it is so important.

Company secretaries are individuals with a broad skill set who exert considerable influence on how an organisation is directed and controlled.

While the given company’s general strategy and decision-making are key here, a company secretary also plays an important role in ensuring that all of the organisation’s activities comply with ethical, legal and regulatory requirements.

The scope of company secretarial responsibilities

Company secretaries can be found working across all manner of organisations – including the public, private and not-for-profit sectors.

The exact responsibilities a given company secretary has will depend to a great extent on the level of their role, the size of the organisation they are working for, and the organisation’s sector.

Nonetheless, there are certain general duties that company secretaries tend to have. These include guiding the chairman and the board on their responsibilities in accordance with the rules and regulations to which they are subject, and on how they should discharge those responsibilities.

A company secretary can also serve as an invaluable source of support for the chairman in ensuring the effective and efficient functioning of the board.

Furthermore, you can expect a capable company secretary to help ensure good information flows within the board and its committees, as well as between senior management and non-executive directors.

The right company secretary can also be fundamental to the maintenance of good shareholder relations for a company, including by keeping the board informed on the views of shareholders.

What else should a company secretary do for an organisation?

It is also customary for a company secretary to develop and oversee the systems that are crucial to ensuring compliance with all applicable codes and legal and statutory obligations.

These professionals also routinely keep an eye on the latest changes to relevant legislation and the regulatory environment, taking action when necessary.

In addition, your organisation might take an interest in company secretarial subscriptions – like those of London Registrars – in order to take advantage of services like the maintenance of the statutory registers and the minute book, and the filing of changes with Companies House after ensuring that these are supported by the appropriate authorities.

You might also count on your chosen company secretary to undertake such duties as the organisation of board meetings and AGMs, and the preparation of agendas, the preparation of the minutes and matters arising schedules.

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27 January 2021