Hopefully, regular readers of the London Registrars blog will be in no doubt about the importance of a process agent service for many organisations, which might include their own business. 

Various case studies and disputes from down the years have shown that, for a firm based outside of the UK that is attempting to raise a loan from a City institution, or that is otherwise engaging with suppliers or tenders in the UK, a process agent can play a crucial role. 

A process agent in the UK is also sometimes referred to as a registered agent, or an agent for service of process. Their ability to accept service of notices, proceedings, or documents on behalf of overseas clients can be invaluable – but what should you be specifically seeking when you are comparing options for a process agent service? 

We decided to pick out a few of the most important qualities to look out for. 

A suitably comprehensive service 

What, exactly, is the process agent service that you are considering actually offering to your organisation? 

In the case of our own commercial agency service here at London Registrars, for instance, we are able to act as a process agent for court actions, receive documents in connection with arbitration proceedings, and receive notices under contracts where there is a need for an independent party. 

We routinely act as a process agent for overseas companies that do not have a branch in Great Britain. It is also worth noting that we are able to act on behalf of multiple parties to a document. 

Responsibility and efficiency 

You probably won’t need us to tell you how crucial speed and responsiveness are from a process agent service; whether documents are served to your process agent’s office via courier or email, you will want to be sure that the designated person will deal swiftly with them. 

Any delays to this process – for example, the classic case of a document that is crucial to a transaction being left unclaimed for an extended period of time due to the process agent being too busy with other activities – could mean detrimental legal consequences and potential liability for your organisation or the counterparty. 

You will be pleased, then, to hear that speed and efficiency are among the uppermost priorities we have always had for our own process agent service here at London Registrars. This emphasis is apparent from the very start of our relationship with a client, as we always try to have an agreement set up on the same day we receive instructions and remittance from the client. 

A reasonable cost 

One of the good things about a process agent service in general is that it does tend to be relatively low in cost. 

Nonetheless, we appreciate that it will greatly help your organisation to budget if you know in advance the pricing structure for the process agent service you are considering using. You might therefore wish to download our process agent brochure to learn more about our charges.  


Every party in a given transaction will need to be sure that the process agent they choose will practise the appropriate levels of discretion and confidentiality, providing the requested service in a highly professional and timely manner. 

They will certainly want to be confident of their chosen process agency service’s complete independence, and this is something else that we can assure you of here at London Registrars. Make us your choice of process agent service, and even if we are acting on behalf of multiple parties to a document, we will work confidently with you, while not creating any conflicts. 

Would you like to learn more about what a relationship with the right process agent service could look like for your organisation? If so, our team here at London Registrars is more than prepared to have that conversation with you. Simply email or call us today, on 020 7608 0011, to discuss our requirements and the possibilities for working with us.