All companies are legally obliged to register two addresses for each director with Companies House – the director’s usual residential address (which is kept confidential), and a service address (which is available to the public on the Companies House Register). For a company secretary it is only necessary to register a service address.

Directors of companies incorporated before 1 October 2009, whose residential address is already on the public record will have their old address references still displayed on historical documents such as Annual Returns unless a successful application is made to the Registrar to remove the address from the public register for reasons of the director’s safety and security.

We can offer directors the use of our Central London address as their service address.

Our service includes:

  • The use of our Central London address on the Register at Companies House for each director and the company secretary, rather than their usual residential address
  • receiving all official correspondence from Companies House, HMRC etc at our address
  • forwarding of official correspondence to a designated address in the UK or abroad on the day we receive it or at intervals that suit you
  • mail scanning and emailing should you prefer this method of forwarding
  • if required, disposing of what is obviously junk mail.

This service is only available (and free of charge) to our clients who have taken out an annual subscription to either our company secretarial or registered office service.

If you would like to know more about our subscription services for company secretarial or registered office facilities, please visit those pages or contact us.