Such recent developments such as reports of widespread and unnecessary refusals by many companies to accept offers for Olympics tickets last year for fear of being accused of bribery, and even the new lobbying allegations surrounding Conservative MP Patrick Mercer, have shown that bribery and corruption have remained at the forefront of the public mind-set. It’s one reason why London Registrars ( takes so seriously the assistance that it provides to clients with anti-bribery policies in relation to the Bribery Act.

The Bribery Act 2012, largely based on the Bribery Act 2010, received Royal Assent in May 2013, shows how bribery and corruption is widely acknowledged as a hindrance to economic and social development across the globe. With bribery stifling growth, distorting markets and resulting in an uneven playing field in international business, it is entirely right that it is viewed as a serious issue. Since it came into force in July 2011, the Bribery Act has had far reaching effects on the way companies conduct their business, and many of which have sought advice from London Registrars on bribery prevention and steps to protect the directors from prosecution.

The company secretaries with London Registrars advise all manner of firms on the steps that they need to take to ensure good corporate governance in connection with anti-bribery measures. This could include preparing anti-bribery policies, implementing the right whistleblowing policies and amending employment contracts. London Registrars can provide a wide range of legal support services, including commercial consultancy to private and public organisations in the UK and overseas.

Commercial law consultancy is provided by London Registrars as part of its role as a company secretary, with its services complying with the high quality standards. Practical and legal advice is provided in relation to such aspects of commercial law as company incorporations and change of company status and name, as well as the preparation and review of commercial contracts and agreements, including but not limited to partnership agreements, joint venture agreements and shareholders’ agreements.

London Registrars’ company secretarial services include commercial law consultancy relating to mergers and acquisitions, the Data Protection Act, trademarks and intellectual property and business policy preparation. Guidance can also be provided to companies on how redundancies are to be handled, ensuring that practical solutions are reached and the employer’s legal obligations met.

Finally, London Registrars can also assist those interested in buying or selling a business, guiding them through the various steps – whether they relate to a small company, sole trading business, LLP or partnership. Services in this area include project managing the company sale process and liaising as appropriate with professional and specialist advisors.

As experts in corporate governance and company compliance at London Registrars ( are happy to listen to the legal support requirements that individual clients may have.