Company compliance and corporate governance are essential to the smooth-running of a business. The importance of effective compliance means that most medium and large companies fulfill the necessary requirements in-house. However, there are times when outsourcing this function becomes attractive (due to price on an ad-hoc project basis) or essential (in case of illness or when waiting to fill a company secretarial role). This is where the interim company compliance and governance services provided by London Registrars ( invaluable: flexibility when it’s needed most.

London Registrars have a highly experienced and professional team which can provide full company secretarial services but on an ad-hoc, project or interim basis. This team can provide full support for all company compliance and corporate governance requirements with the client able to choose the specific services needed and for as long as they are needed. Board members may need additional third-party advice and support with regard to the governance of their company due to specific external factors such as legal wranglings, new investments or strategic decisions. The role of company secretary may need to be filled temporarily and at short notice due to unforeseen circumstances, or help may be required to carry out a company secretarial audit. London Registrars understands that flexibility is needed when it comes to corporate compliance and governance support.

The interim company compliance and governance services offered by London Registrars includes (but is not limited to) full company secretarial and legal support; managing meetings of the board and arranging for shareholders to attend General Meetings and AGMs; managing shareholder information; advising on commercial law and case managing litigation; protecting the confidentiality of the board at all times, including the statutory books. For full information on all interim compliance services provided by London Registrars go to