Businesses located overseas in need of a process agent in the UK rely on the services of London Registrars ( London Registrars acts as agents for service of legal process across the whole of the UK for overseas businesses which require this vital role to be handled efficiently, effectively and professionally.

There are instances where a business which operates from outside of the UK requires a UK process agent. They may need to deal with suppliers in the UK, be involved in UK court proceedings or may have applied for a loan from an institution in the City of London. Whenever legal papers need to be served in order to officially start legal proceedings and the company does not have a UK address the most efficient and cost effective solution is to use the services of a process agent in the UK.

London Registrars has been one of the leading UK process agents (also known as registered agents or resident agents) for many years. The company has helped hundreds of overseas businesses accept service of notices and other proceedings and documents in the UK. This is a highly important legal service which businesses need to secure their commercial arrangements. In cases where an overseas company has secured a loan from a City institution, the institution may insist on that company using UK process agency services (to protect the institution should the company default on the loan in the future).

Regardless of whether the services of a process agent are required by a third party or simply desired by the overseas company for ease, it is essential that the company feels comfortable that all contractual obligations are met and that everything is being handled comprehensively, swiftly and professionally. Cost is also a factor, and London Registrars has always been committed to offering exhaustive process agency services for the most affordable price possible.

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