For a business based outside the UK, a process agent can play a vital role. That’s because if such a company is raising a loan from a City institution or dealing with UK tenders or suppliers, contractual obligations can make it impossible for them to be served notices, proceedings or documents in their own country. A UK process agent is a business that accepts service of these notices, proceedings and documents on behalf of its overseas clients, and London Registrars ( is a long established player in this business.

Under English court procedure rules papers must be served to start the process and, serving these papers abroad on a party without an address within England is a lengthy and complicated process. A common solution is for a process agent UK to be appointed by the overseas entity. Indeed, the UK entity that supplies the service or loan may make this a requirement.

In the instance of bank funding, the lending bank will often demand that the overseas borrower appoints a UK based process agent so that if the borrower defaults on the loan, it has a UK address to which to formal notices may be sent. There are broader responsibilities that a process agent can assume for the company that appointed it, from acting as a process agent for court actions and being the recipient of documents in connection with arbitration proceedings, to receiving notices under contracts where there is a need for an independent party.

This naturally makes it important for an overseas company to choose a process agent which is acceptable to the appointer and others involved in the deal. London Registrars has a proud record of helping a wide range of organisations to comply with their contractual obligations, providing process agency services that are comprehensive and cost-effective. The recent establishment of a Berlin branch office enables London Registrars Process Agency Ltd to act as a process agent in Germany as well as the UK, with the team that deals with process agency work in both countries being based in central London.

London Registrars ( know how important both speed and efficiency are to the appointing company, which is why it always strives to set up the client’s process agency agreement on the same day it receives the appropriate instructions and remittance. It also keeps its charges competitive, although these vary depending on how many appointing firms require process agency cover, how many agreements need to be covered and the duration of these agreements. By calling 0044 20 7608 0005, potential clients can find out more about this service offered by the company compliance specialists.